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  • Best Baton Rogue Dentist

    A Good Dentist Baton Rouge for Preventative Care

    Preventative Dental Care Baton Rouge only at Tiger Smile Dental Regular cleanings and exams are very important in maintaining good oral health and a bright smile. X-rays are taken at these visits to make sure any treatment needs are up to date. Routine oral cancer screenings are also provided at each hygiene appointment to ensure […]

  • Best Baton Rouge Pediatric Dentists - Tiger Smile Family Dentistry

    Baton Rouge Pediatric Dentist

    Pediatric Dental Specialists Baton Rouge – Quality Dental Care For Children From the time that your babies get their first tooth, they can visit the dental office. It is very important that your children have regular exams and cleanings every six months to make sure their teeth and jaws are developing properly and staying healthy. […]

  • Baton Rouge Dental Fillings

    Best Quality Dental Fillings only at Tiger Smile Dental Fillings are required when there are cavities in the teeth. Your dentist will clean out the decay, or cavity, caused by bacteria and place a material called composite, which is bonded to your teeth. This material can be matched to the shade of your natural teeth. […]

  • Baton Rouge Dental Crowns

    Quality Dental Crowns Baton Rouge only at Tiger Smile Dental Crowns, sometimes referred to as “caps”, provide full coverage protection for teeth. There are different types of crowns including porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, gold, and stainless steel (usually for baby teeth). Your dentist will determine which is best for your treatment depending on your […]

  • Baton Rouge Wisdom Teeth Extraction

    Gentle Wisdom Teeth Extraction at Tiger Smile

    At about the age of 18, wisdom teeth start to erupt. Not everyone has to have their wisdom teeth removed, but most people do, simply because there is not enough space in the mouth. When there is no space, the wisdom teeth tend to lean into and cause problems for the teeth next to them. […]

  • periodontal disease treatment baton rouge tiger smile

    Baton Rouge Periodontal Disease

    Professional Periodontal Disease Treatment – Healthy Gums and Teeth When the gums and teeth are not healthy, bacteria build-up can lead to bad breath, bleeding of the gums during brushing and flossing, gum recession, and even bone loss. This is a condition called periodontal disease. It will eventually lead to tooth loss if left untreated. […]

  • Conscious Sedation

    Anxiety is one of the top reasons that people do not come to the dentist to have treatment done. Some people suffer from that fear more than others. Fears can stem from traumatic experiences in the past, fear of needles, or even just from hearing of other bad experiences from others. The solution is sedation […]

  • TMJ

    There are many people out there who have to suffer with constant jaw pain and headaches that are directly associated with TMD (temporomandibular disorder). This disorder affects the TMJ (temporomandibular joint), which connects the lower jaw to the skull. Some causes are: Grinding or clenching Arthritis Dislocation of the disc in the joint Stress causing […]

  • Excellent Braces Baton Rouge

    Here at Tiger Smile Family Dentistry, we offer clear removable braces as an orthodontic option to move teeth to the ideal positions.  This system produces amazing results!   ClearCorrect: Clear retainers that move the teeth and are changed out every two weeks.   This treatment offers: Improvement in a nice cosmetic look Closing open spaces […]

  • teeth whitening baton rouge

    Only The Best Teeth Whitening Service Here at Tiger Smile

    Don’t let discolored teeth bring you and your confidence down. Tiger Smile Baton Rouge is here to give you the best treatments that will bring back your confidence and those pearly whites! To make it even better, there’s no need to break the bank for our quality teeth whitening procedures. Our Teeth Whitening Procedures We […]

  • veneers for teeth baton rouge

    Offering Veneers to Baton Rouge Area

    Quality Dental Veneers Baton Rouge only at Tiger Smile Dental Veneers are thin shells of porcelain material that cover the front surfaces of your teeth to improve the cosmetic appearance of the teeth. They can be used to modify color, length, width, and thickness. Veneers are commonly used for the following conditions: Discolored teeth Chipped, […]

  • endodontist baton rouge

    Endodontist Baton Rouge

    Each tooth contains a pulp chamber and canals, which are commonly known collectively as the nerve of the tooth. When decay and infection break through the layers of your teeth and get to the pulp, a root canal is needed. Untreated teeth can lead to severe swelling and abscesses (pus formation), which is very painful. […]

  • orthodontic treatment baton rouge

    Experienced Orthodontics Dentist in Baton Rouge

    We offer two different types of orthodontic treatment – Invisalign and Six Month Smiles in Baton Rouge. Our patients have been pleased with both treatments and we have seen great results. Each has its own benefits and treatment indications. Invisalign: Clear retainers that engage and move the teeth. They are changed out every two weeks. […]

  • cosmetic dentistry baton rouge

    Cosmetic Dentist Baton Rouge Guarantees Only the Most Beautiful Smiles

    Give yourself a reason to smile more! Gaps, chips, crooked teeth, abnormally small, discoloration – these are all issues that many individuals deal with when they look in the mirror. The good news is that there are solutions for these with cosmetic dentistry in Baton Rouge! Cosmetic Dentist Baton Rouge Available Treatments: A great smile […]

  • Cosmetic Dental Implants available in Baton Rouge

    WHAT IS A BATON ROUGE DENTAL IMPLANT? A dental implant is a titanium fixture that acts like a root or an anchor for your teeth. It can hold a single tooth, a bridge, or a denture. It is placed into the bone and integrates or fuses with it.   WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT USES FOR […]

  • Baton Rouge affordable dentures

    Dentures and Partial Dentures Baton Rouge

    If you are looking for denture treatments in Baton Rouge, our dental health professionals can help you through our affordable dentures Baton Rouge! At Tiger Smile Family Dentistry, we offer dentures and partial dentures to provide you with an affordable solution for your missing teeth.   COMPLETE AND PARTIAL AFFORDABLE DENTURES BATON ROUGE   There […]

Latest Blog Posts
coming soon
Posted By: Tiger Smile Date: 03/03/2015

Denture wearers want to know that their dentures are clean and appear natural to family and friends. Daily cleaning and stain removal are essential for fresh breath and a natural smile. However, constant cleaning shortens the life of dentures, but people who do not clean dentures suffer from discomfort or fungal infections. What should denture […]

smile makeover
Posted By: Tiger Smile Date: 04/14/2014

Today we live in a society that values appearance unlike any time before.  The attractive and youthful are glorified, while the aging population attempts to find the ever elusive fountain of youth.  In 2009, during one of our nation’s worst recessions to date, an astounding 10 billion dollars was spent on elective, cosmetic procedures.  It […]

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