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Excellent Braces Baton Rouge
Our braces here have been a very popular dental procedure here in Baton Rouge - Tiger Smile Family Dentistry


Here at Tiger Smile Family Dentistry, we offer clear removable braces as an orthodontic option to move teeth to the ideal positions. This system produces amazing results!

ClearCorrect: Clear retainers that move the teeth and are changed out every two weeks.


This treatment offers:

  • Improvement in a nice cosmetic look
  • Closing open spaces to enhance cosmetic appearance or areas where food impaction would be an issue
  • Creating spaces to allow future restorations to fit in those areas
  • Preventing and reducing gum disease by correcting any crowding to allow proper hygiene care
  • Correcting the bite

Here at Tiger Smile, we are very proud with our offerings on the latest orthodontic technologies. Thanks to our modern technology today, we have now incorporated new ways to make the procedure easier and more effective.

  • We make sure only to offer the most affordable service
  • Guaranteed effective orthodontic treatment

Despite these new developments on our braces procedure, we still understand that every patient is unique, which is why we tailor our braces treatment depending on the patient’s unique needs.

With the new features on our braces, you can now have more advantages that will give you faster and more effective solutions that will definitely brighten up your smile and make your teeth look better than ever.


Here at Tiger Smile Family Dentistry, we also have invested in computer-aided technologies such as CAD/CAM that helps our dentists and orthodontists plan the best treatment course for their patients. These technologies also help us streamline the length of the patients’ treatment time.

We always have new innovations and we make sure that we remain on top of the game. We continuously strive to better our excellent reputation through our services. Our braces procedure in Baton Rouge is one of the most popular dental procedures that we have.

How It Works

When you’re ready to take the plunge, making an appointment for an initial consultation here at Tiger Smile is the first step to a better teeth alignment and a better smile. During the consultation, our orthodontist will conduct an interview to know about your dental history and have a thorough examination of your mouth. The goal here is to recommend the best treatment course for you.

One the recommendation is in place, the braces procedure sessions will commence. Depending on the type of braces that you will be getting, we always try to keep our sessions as short as possible.

What To Expect Once the Braces Come Off

During the whole braces treatment, your orthodontist here will check and track the position of your teeth with each visit. Once the treatment is complete, it’s time for braces removal. Don’t worry because this is totally pain-free.

Once it is removed, your orthodontist will recommend a retainer to keep your teeth from moving after the braces come off. The retainers are custom-made, so you can expect that it will fit comfortably within your mouth. At the same time, caring for it is pretty easy.

Normally, our patients who undergo this particular dental treatment follows up with our teeth whitening service. This is only natural as those new set of straight teeth will definitely go well with white teeth.

The most exciting part of the entire braces experience is getting them off. If you want the best results, listening to your dentist’s advice each visit will go a long way. Our Tiger Smile dentists will make sure that you are educated well when it comes to your braces to ensure that you can take care of it properly.

So, if you want the best dental braces service here in Baton Rouge, you know where to go.
Please call and schedule a consultation today!

5.0 Rating From 1 Reviews.
on 21, Jan 2018
I received the most effective braces here in Baton Rouge, thanks to Tiger Smile. They really did deliver the best work and the orthodontist that I've worked with is very kind and accommodating.
Darren Leonhard

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