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Baton Rouge Pediatric Dentist
Best Baton Rouge Pediatric Dentists - Tiger Smile Family Dentistry


From the time that your babies get their first tooth, they can visit the dental office already. It is very important that your children have regular exams and cleanings every six months to make sure their teeth and jaws are developing properly and staying healthy.

Caring for your child is an overall group effort by our pediatric dentists who not only educate parents, but also engage the children in understanding the importance of taking good care of their teeth.


Professional Pediatric Specialists – Qualified and Experienced in Child Dentistry

We offer a variety of dental services for children:

  • Cleanings with fluoride treatment
  • Fillings
  • Sealants to prevent the grooves and pits in the teeth from trapping bacteria and creating cavities
  • Pulpotomies (baby root canals) for teeth with deep decay
  • Extractions (“wiggling” out teeth)
  • Stainless steel crowns to protect teeth with large areas of decay or pulpotomies
  • Space maintainers to preserve space for a permanent tooth when a baby tooth is lost early

Our pediatric dental experts in Baton Rouge guarantee a gentle experience for your children.


Our Dentists are Always Ready to Help

  • We take pride in our excellent team of child dentists who are qualified in conducting procedures to our younger patients.

We offer a full scope of  dental procedures  for infants, preschoolers, kids, teenagers, and children with special needs. Our team of dentists and team are dedicated to provide quality teeth health care in our kid-friendly and pleasant atmosphere here at in our dental facility.

  • Tiger Smile Family Dentistry is home to reliable dental professionals ready to accommodate your kids dental needs.

We make sure that we have a welcoming place to help our patients, especially children, while developing a positive attitude towards dentistry and promoting oral hygiene.



Our Dental Treatments Go Above and Beyond

Our team of specialists make sure to develop a strong collaboration of dentist, parent, and child. We aim to work together to build a positive and an educational relationship. We put a great emphasis on good oral hygiene and dental health for the whole family.

We are dedicated to your children’s oral health from infancy through their teen years. Our pediatric dentists have completed four years of dental school along with two years of residency training in dentistry for infants, children, teens and children with special needs.


Our Dental Health Care Services

  • Oral health exams for infants
  • Preventive dental care such as cleaning, nutrition, diet recommendations, and fluoride treatments
  • Habit counseling
  • Early assessment and treatment for teeth straightening & bite correction
  • Tooth cavities repair
  • Oral condition diagnosis associated with various diseases
  • Management of gum disease and conditions
  • Dental injury care

You can guarantee that your child’s dental visits will be enjoyable here. We take time to consider the thoughts and feelings of your kids at every visit. This allows us to be on the same level as your kid’s in order to deliver the premier dental service that will not make them feel anxious. We treat your child as our own and we only perform high quality dental procedures in the most efficient way possible.

Our staff is very experienced in caring for your child’s needs, no matter what age. Your child will be very comfortable and happy, and we can assure you that your little one will have a great experience with our pediatric oral health care professionals.


3.0 Rating From 1 Reviews.
on 25, Jan 2018
Looking for a pediatric dentist here in Baton Rouge wasn't so hard. I went to the most reputable dental facility here which is Tiger Smile and I was right. The pediatric dentists are very good with kids and my child loves his dentist as well! It's so hard to put him on a dental chair but now, he's more excited to go when I tell him we're going to the dentist!
Cerys Ilona

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