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endodontist baton rouge

Each tooth contains a pulp chamber and canals, which are commonly known collectively as the nerve of the tooth. When decay and infection break through the layers of your teeth and get to the pulp, a root canal is needed. Untreated teeth can lead to severe swelling and abscesses (pus formation), which is very painful.

The only options for treating an infected pulp are either a root canal or an extraction (pulling the tooth). The root canal procedure cleans out the pulp canals in the roots of your teeth and seals it off, creating a sterile environment and allowing you to save that tooth. It is essentially getting a filling for the roots of your teeth. There are several reasons why root canals would be indicated:

  • Severe decay
  • Trauma or injury to the tooth
  • Infection from periodontal disease

Root canals are the preferred treatment because you will be able to still function properly with that tooth for the rest of your life and also preserve the bone underneath it. Extracting the tooth could lead to bone loss, movement of teeth, poor function, and poor esthetics.

The most common symptoms of an infected pulp are a random throbbing pain in the jaw, pain with pressure, extreme sensitivity to hot or cold, and the presence of a fistula (small bubble of pus) on the gums in front of the infected tooth. Digital radiographs would be taken to check for a dark area of infection at the root tip. Treatment may take either one or two visits, depending on the severity of the infection. A crown is recommended to protect the tooth from fracturing after the root canal treatment is complete.

Why You Should Choose Tiger Smile Dentists for Your Root Canal

Our professional dentists here at Tiger Smile have the experience and are fully accredited. You are guaranteed the best results out of your root canal experience. Here with us, you will feel at ease despite your dread of getting such procedure. We understand your worries and anxiety over your root canal procedure and you are rest assured that you will feel comfortable with us.

Another thing is, we have the best dental technology that will make your root canal procedure so much easier and faster. We have the latest tools, procedures and machines to get. the job done.

We are local here, which means that you can guarantee a solid relationship with us and you can come to us anytime should there be any emergencies.

Here at Tiger Smile, we ensure you gentle care and comfort. Click here for affordable orthodontics Baton Rouge services.

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