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Only The Best Teeth Whitening Service Here at Tiger Smile

teeth whitening baton rouge

Don’t let discolored teeth bring you and your confidence down. Tiger Smile Baton Rouge is here to give you the best treatments that will bring back your confidence and those pearly whites! To make it even better, there’s no need to break the bank for our quality teeth whitening procedures.

Our Teeth Whitening Procedures

We provide our patients with two different options for teeth whitening in Baton Rouge.

Zoom Whitening. This is an in-office procedure. It requires the use of a bleaching light, bleaching gel, and an anti-sensitivity treatment. The procedure lasts about one hour and can whiten your teeth up to 8 shades lighter. At-home treatment. This option uses whitening formulas in a custom bleaching tray made to fit specifically to your teeth.

Our patients have seen great results using either treatment. With either of our whitening systems, we will monitor your progress through maintenance appointments to make sure you are getting the results you want.

There are plenty of reasons why a tooth become discolored:

  • Genes
  • Age
  • Teeth injury
  • Medicines
  • Smoking
  • Intake of stain-causing food and drinks over time
  • Too much fluoride

Teeth whitening will give you that much needed boost in confidence. With our teeth whitening options, you can guarantee a set of pearly whites again.

Our Teeth Whitening Products vs. Over The Counter Products

You may be tempted to purchase over-the-counter teeth whitening products but once you experience our teeth whitening procedure, you will see the huge difference. Our teeth whitening has extreme whitening strength that can really last you for a very long time.

Here at Tiger Smile, we use a number of teeth bleaching products varying in hydrogen peroxide concentrations that range from 25% to 40%. Plus, we apply a protective gel to your gums before the procedure.

So, if you want the best teeth whitening care, Tiger Smile will deliver to you the best dental care results. You can also check our excellent Baton Rouge dental braces services.

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