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Monthly Archives: April 2021

ON April 23rd, 2021 BY admin / 0 COMMENT
request to be put to sleep for dental work - Tiger Smile Dental

Every person responds differently to dental procedures. Some take it easy and get through the procedure with no issues and apprehensions, but there are people who have anxiety and concerns about pain with dental procedures. This anxiety can delay the treatment and can worsen the dental problem. How does the dental industry deal with such […]

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ON April 16th, 2021 BY admin / 0 COMMENT
Receding Gum

It’s a question that many have had for a long time — how do dentists fix receding gums?  You first need to understand the problem of receding gums themselves. We’ll look into some of the nuances surrounding receding gums and how to go about effectively treating them. What Are Receding Gums? Receding gums are gums […]

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