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Monthly Archives: May 2021

ON May 27th, 2021 BY admin / 0 COMMENT
dental cleaning during covid 19

Due to the nature of how COVID-19 is transmitted, many might be wondering: is it safe to go to the dentist to clean up this pandemic? Back in August 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) advised against visiting the dentist for routine dental checkups and cleaning during the coronavirus outbreak. In the interest of public […]

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ON May 21st, 2021 BY admin / 0 COMMENT
How do you take care of multiple tooth

Tooth extraction may seem to be a very simple procedure. That is if we are talking only about one tooth. With multiple tooth extractions, it’s a different story. More and more patients present with severe dental problems from multiple tooth decay to advanced generalized periodontitis or infection. These dental conditions are most often best dealt […]

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ON May 17th, 2021 BY admin / 0 COMMENT
How do i know if my tooth crown is

Tooth crowns, also called caps, offer a lot of protection to the tooth they enclose, but sometimes, they are not absolute protection. Oral bacteria can make their way underneath a crown if a person does not practice good oral hygiene, dental crown pain may occur. Similar to regular tooth decay, when bacteria enter the underneath […]

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ON May 10th, 2021 BY admin / 0 COMMENT
Can you fix TMJ without surgery- Tiger Smile Dental

Your Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) is an essential part of your everyday life. It helps you to perform several facial functions properly such as eating, speaking, chewing, and more. So don’t be surprised at how a TMJ disorder can become a major source of pain and inconvenience. Be more surprised that a significant number of people in […]

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