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Welcome to Tiger Smile Family Dentistry! Come on in and stay a while.

If you’ve found our website, then it’s likely you are searching for quality family dental care in and around Baton Rouge, Louisiana. And you’ve come to the right place!

Maybe it was the five-star Google rating that drew you in. Perhaps it was the glowing testimonials from our clients. Or, just maybe, you really liked the name. Whatever your reason for clicking on the Tiger Smile Family Dentistry home page, we hope you enjoy your time with us.

First, we’ll go over the highlights: Our office is open from 8am-5pm Monday,  8am-4pm Wednesday and 7am-3pm Tuesday and Thursday. We are closed Friday through Sunday. In addition to our site, we have online presences on Facebook, Google+, and YouTube. We offer a variety services for all ages and needs.

Here at Tiger Smile Family Dentistry, we don’t believe one size fits all when it comes to dentistry. That’s why we insist on a consultation with patients to learn what they want and go over what they need for a happier, healthier mouth.

Get To Know Your Dental Team

With 30 years of service behind us, Tiger Smile Family Dentistry continues to serve Baton Rouge as a dental facility. A large part of our history here is how we value our relationship with our patients. We don’t just work here— we’re a part of the community. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing a comfortable space for families: you can rest easy while we care for all of your oral health needs.

Our team offers a wide range of dental care services, from pediatric and preventative dentistry to dental implants and crowns. to facial aesthetics.  We want to help you meet your personal goals, for yourself and the rest of your family. After your initial consultation, we’ll tailor your treatments to follow the path you want to take. We will use all of the expertise and technology at our fingertips to make your dreams for a happier, healthier smile come true.

Our Dental Services

Whether you come to us for preventative or restorative dentistry,  or just to improve your appearance with our facial aesthetics services, Tiger Smile Family Dentistry is dedicated to protecting, improving, or restoring your oral and overall health. We offer a variety of services that make all of this possible. These services include:

Young, old, and everyone in between— our team provides care to all ages.

When it comes to choosing a new dentist, however, services aren’t the only things to consider. We also offer same day consultations and 0% Financing Options. Our state-of-the art practice comes equipped with the latest technology for procedures, and we pride ourselves on a clean, sanitary space.

For our younger patients, we keep a treasure chest of treats stocked to help make every visit a positive experience. All members of the family can enjoy the utmost comfort during treatments and complimentary home care kits after maintenance visits.

Why Choose Tiger Smile Family Dentistry?

Choosing a new dentist can be tough. You want to know your family will be taken care of. You want to be as comfortable as possible during your dental treatments. You want someone reliable, someone you can trust, who will understand and respond to your needs and your fears when it comes to your health.

All of these things are hard to demonstrate from a single web page. Testimonials and ratings can help, but sometimes you need something a little more personal. We would love for you to come see us and experience our exceptional care for yourself. You can see firsthand why our patients continue to return to our offices and rate us highly. You don’t need to take our word for it. Come on in and see us!

It’s Time to Make the Right Call

The sooner you take the first step to improving your oral health, the easier the solutions can be. Conversely, the longer you wait, the more extensive your repairs may need to be. Regardless of your current dental health, we want to meet you! Our warm, welcoming receptionists are eagerly awaiting your call to start your personal dental journey. So, give us a call at 225-412-7996

What our patients say client say
Sarah Melancon
Sarah Melancon
02:02 26 Aug 16
Such a wonderful staff and environment! Not your normal dentist experience. The front desk staff is warm and inviting and makes you feel right at home. Dr. Luong's chair side manner cannot be beat! You will not feel like "just another patient" here. Very thorough and well trained staff. I would recommend this practice to everyone!
Chris Diaz
Chris Diaz
18:58 16 Sep 16
This is the first time I've ever felt compelled to leave a review. Dr cece and the rest of the office are so incredibly friendly and welcoming. I hadn't been to the dentist in many years, was anxious about going but so happy to have found this practice. Update! I came back the other day for a filling. Painless and just so glad I've found this practice
Derrick Jackson
Derrick Jackson
22:48 22 Aug 16
Ms Loung and the entire tiger smile staff was so warming and inviting! Even the receptionist was flooded with calls but still was able to be kind and so sweet! The entire crew makes you want to come back. Her assistant just made my heart melt and made my oral surgery so much easier she was there the entire time rubbing my shoulder and comforting me! I'm sorry both assistant ( the xray tech was so gentle and showed so much concern for my teeth all while doing her job. I hate I forgot everyone name, but all there all had the most warming smile and care for people! Even the billing was simplified and made to fit around my budget. Honestly I can't wait to go back the environment is so clean and sterile not one bad thing I can say about tiger smile. The best I have ever seen!
Youssef Hb
Youssef Hb
11:46 20 Jul 16
I usually hate going to the dentist, but Tiger Smile Family makes the dental experience as painless as possible! The entire process was very good. From calling to make an appointment to filling out the forms as a new patient to the appointment itself was super professional and efficient. I went in for a simple cleaning with Dr. Cece. She answered all of my (many) questions very patiently and comprehensively. She's great at her job and also friendly. She gives excellent advice in terms of the optimal way to brush and floss. The ambiance is also pleasant - clean and organized.
Tien Le
Tien Le
14:44 26 Aug 16
I Yelp often but I rarely ever write reviews but after two trips to Tiger Smiles Family Dentistry I am compelled to do so. Both my brother and my niece have raved about the professionalism and friendliness of Dr. Cecilia and the staff. There is very little waiting time and the price is also more reasonable compared to most other places in the area. I highly recommend this place.
Rick Mayfield
Rick Mayfield
16:53 19 Jan 17
My wife and I hardly ever write reviews for anything, but I wanted to take a moment to talk about the amazing dental care we have received at the Tiger Smile dental clinic. Neither of us have ever really been all that good at taking care of our teeth as good as we should have, so it’s always a bit of a gamble whenever we end up seeing a dentist. The team at Tiger Smile was completely understanding for our situations and have helped us develop better ways to take care of our dental hygiene at home. They were very good about getting us seen and they were able to get our individual problems taken care of in a very efficient manner. Though it might be another couple years before the wife and I visit the dentist again, we’re absolutely going to make sure that it’s Tiger Smile that we go to.
Tracey Lambert
Tracey Lambert
04:08 26 Jan 17
This place is the BEST!!!! Me and my kids have been patients here at Tiger Smile Family Dentistry for a couple years now and they really put an emphasis on the “Family” in their name. They have taken such amazing care of my kids here that none of them have even come close to showing any kind of fear about visiting a dentist. The staff also takes their time with each of the kids to make sure that they understand just how important taking care of their teeth really is. Because of the staff here and their lessons, I don’t feel like I need to worry so much about the future of their smiles. When it comes to me, I took absolutely terrible care of my teeth for most of my life and the staff here have been great in tending to my many (many, many) issues. A couple fillings, a crown and an implant later and my smile looks better than it ever has. I recommend Tiger Smile Family Dentistry completely.
Sarah Kerr
Sarah Kerr
04:49 23 Dec 16
I went in to Tiger Smile Dentistry to have my recessed gums fixed and I love the results. Friends and family have noticed the wonderful work done by the dentists there. My gums healed up perfectly and, even though it has only been a couple weeks, I can hardly see the scar much less have it causing any kind of irritation in my mouth or behind my lips. The dentist here also made the procedure a painless one for me. I also want to point out that the staff there was kind and that the atmosphere inside was welcoming and relaxed. I’m happy I chose Tiger Smile to have my procedure done and now have a great smile to show off thanks to the team there.
Tim Spencer
Tim Spencer
03:56 25 Jan 17
Dr Luong and the staff at Tiger Smile Family Dentistry made my first trip to a clinic in almost a decade a rather positive experience. The fantastic service and their great work ethic when paired with their bright moods and kindness made me decide to keep going there for future visits, which will be happening more often than once every 10 years. The people at Tiger Smile Family Dentistry really went out of their way to come up with a dental plan that I could afford and that came with the best options for the future of my oral hygiene. I am truly happy to have met with a dental staff as caring and knowledgeable as the team at Tiger Smile Family Dentistry. Recommend this clinic fully.
Carrie Greene
Carrie Greene
18:29 21 Jan 17
For dental work my husband and i have been coming to Tiger Smile for a few years now and we love them! Everybody who works here is especially nice and the dentist here is great. Super friendly employees and they are concerned with our well being and that we are comfortable during our visits. Even better, they don’t try to upsell us for dental work we don’t even need. They are very honest there.
Karma Strand
Karma Strand
08:19 24 Aug 19
The dental practice is the best in Baton Rouge if you ask me. They incorporate equal parts knowledge, professionalism and thoughtfulness. Knowing it was a family practice, I honestly did not expect much from the visit but I was glad to be proven wrong. The customer service is really up there and the doctor knows his stuff. I would recommend them to both adults and kids just based on their delicate yet precise nature. Keep it up!
Theodore Zarate
Theodore Zarate
17:26 27 Aug 19
Slipped off a treadmill and face planted, chipping my tooth. It was just as painful as it sounds. Thank God for Tiger Smile. They took care of my broken tooth really well. At first I wanted a cosmetic option but the doctor advised against it and her solution would last. The bonding procedure was really quick and it did not cost as much as I thought it was going to be. They truly are lifesavers. Thank you for rescuing my smile.
Jerry Wyatt
Jerry Wyatt
10:08 26 Aug 19
Very pleasant experience. I was worried my appointment would not be done on time as I got there five minutes before. The staff was extremely helpful though and the receptionist was so great. I was so pleasantly surprised by Dr. Luong. I had gone in for fillings but I was not sure which ones to go for she and her staff were especially helpful in narrowing it down for me. I would recommend it for anyone in the Baton Rouge area. You won’t be disappointed.
Elliot Hubbard
Elliot Hubbard
16:48 02 Sep 19
Dr. Luong is just the best. My eight year old is terrified of the dentist and didn’t want to get her teeth looked at. We were trying to decide whether she needs braces or a corrective procedure. Let’s just say she did not like that idea at all. I got to hand it to her and the staff though; they know how to speak kid-at-the-dentist. They calmed her down really quick and professionally assessed. She even got my daughter to pick out the braces she would like. Quite an experience, take your kids there; they definitely know what they’re doing.
Douglas Hanscom
Douglas Hanscom
19:31 06 Sep 19
I was passing by Baton Rouge on my way to Texas after seeing a friend and my tooth had been given me help for the past week. Each day the pain was worse than the last. So my friend gave a recommendation to visit Tiger Smile family dentistry because she had a root canal done there years ago I remember asking what made them stand out considering she went there ages ago. She told me to stop asking questions and just go. I’m glad I didn’t ask any more questions. Turns out it was a piece of chicken bone wedged in the back molars that was digging in and causing the pain. Overall a great experience.
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  • Relaxing Music and Shaded Glasses for your comfort
  • Blankets to keep you cozy during your visit
  • Complimentary home care kits for maintenance visits
  • Treasure chest of treats for kids
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