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Wisdom Tooth Removal in Baton Rouge - Tiger Smile Family Dentistry

Today we live in a society that values appearance unlike any time before.  The attractive and youthful are glorified, while the aging population attempts to find the ever elusive fountain of youth.  In 2009, during one of our nation’s worst recessions to date, an astounding 10 billion dollars was spent on elective, cosmetic procedures.  It seems that the quest to remain young knows no bounds.

Botox and facelifts may provide a refreshed and more youthful appearance when done correctly.  However, there seem to be just as many stories of procedures that leave patients with skin that is too taut and plastic in appearance.  Undoubtedly, diet, exercise, and an overall healthy lifestyle impart the greatest benefit to the appearance in the long term, but for those seeking a more immediate or dramatic improvement, there is a far more effective and natural looking solution: smile makeovers.

Over time, the color, shape, and even length of teeth change.  Perhaps without even realizing it, many patients show their age most dramatically through their smile.  While time is being spent trying to rectify wrinkles or sagging skin, the area with the greatest potential for visible impact may be the teeth.  Fortunately, this particular concern can be quickly and easily addressed through a smile makeover with a skilled cosmetic dentist.

How Will a Smile Makeover Help?

Just as the name implies, a smile makeover is a complete revamping of your smile.  It is based on each patient’s individual needs and may include procedures such as whitening and porcelain veneers.  Here are some of the concerns that can be addressed with a smile makeover from a qualified dentist who is performing cosmetic dentistry services in Baton Rouge:

    1. Discoloration – Over time, teeth will become stained and begin to yellow from a variety of sources.  Perhaps the most powerful way to reverse the effects of time is through a quick, 45 minute session of ZOOM whitening to brighten teeth by up to 8 shades instantly.  The immediate improvement typically leaves patients feeling more self-confident and attractive.
    2. Gaps – While some may not find a gap in their smile to be bothersome, others will feel that it negatively impacts their appearance and overall youthfulness.  Fortunately, this concern may be addressed with a couple of different procedures such as dental bonding or porcelain veneers.  An exam by your cosmetic dentist can help determine which best fits your particular needs.
    3. Chips or Broken Teeth – Like gaps, these defects may also be corrected with dental bonding or porcelain veneers.  Factors such as the severity of the flaw and how long the treatment lasts may impact the final decision between these services.
    4. Shortened Teeth – Most don’t realize that their teeth are slowing wearing down until there is a drastic difference in their appearance.  Grinding of the teeth and conditions such as acid reflux may be contributing factors, and as they wear away at the teeth, the bite begins to shift and the face takes on a more aged appearance.  By correcting the length of the teeth and the bite through procedures such as porcelain veneers, the results can be as dramatic as a facelift.

Several Factors to Consider By Your Cosmetic Dentist

When planning to undergo this procedure, your dentist may need to evaluate a few factors such as:

  • Tooth length – long teeth is a popular choice for many as it gives off a more youthful appearance. As we age, teeth changes take place such as wear and tear that often result in shorter teeth. Another thing that may cause shorter teeth is a gummy smile. Treatments for these cases include reshaping, lengthening with composite bonding or porcelain veneers. In the case of a gummy smile, the dentist may need to modify the gum line and lengthen the appearance of the teeth through laser dentistry.
  • Smile line – this is a standard point that cosmetic dentists take into consideration as this helps them determine how long the new teeth should be.
  • Tooth proportions – the dentist will evaluate your teeth to see if they are in correct proportion with each other. The proportion will help guide the length and width of other teeth in the aesthetic zone to ensure the smile line will appear balanced.

A Sneak Peek of the Results

Having a picture in your head on how your teeth will look like after the procedure is important. Your dentists will perform various methods to present it to you.

Some of the methods are:

  • Wax model mockup – your dentist may create a wax model mockup to present to you the specific procedure that will be done to your teeth and to the dental lab technician.
  • Dental Imaging Software – this will give you an idea of what your teeth may look like after the treatment. Dentists also use this to better communication procedure specifics to the dental lab technician and staff involved. Keep in mind that what you will see may not fully match the final results.
  • Before & After photos – this will show you the improvements and at the same time, determine the quality of work done to you by your cosmetic dentist.
  • Dental study models – this is done to present to patients each aspect of the chances that are expected to see after the makeover.
  • Dental composite bonding mockup – this involves the temporary use of bond composite resin material to your teeth for you to be able to fully experience and visualize the impact of the procedure prior to the actual treatment. This allows patients to determine how comfortable they are with the look, fit, and feel.In the ongoing search for youth, there may be countless plastic surgery procedures, injections, and magic creams.  Yet, the most effective and affordable way to look younger instantly may be found in the office of a cosmetic dentist.  Smile makeovers can address a number of concerns, and leave behind a beautiful, youthful looking smile. For more information about cosmetic dentistry treatments such as teeth whitening and veneers, you can visit Tiger Smile Family Dentistry dental office today!


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