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ON October 20th, 2021 BY admin / 0 COMMENT
Implant teeth model - Tiger Smile Family Dentistry

Your teeth are regularly subjected to acid, surrounded by bacteria, and routinely go on working for several decades. One of the goals of modern dentistry is to preserve one of your most valuable physical assets or at least, to …

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ON August 11th, 2021 BY admin / 0 COMMENT
Face lifting surgery- Tiger Smile family Dentistry

Skin thins and loses suppleness as people age. As a result, wrinkles develop, and the skin gets saggier. One treatment to help remedy this is a PDO thread lift.

A PDO thread lift is a minimally invasive anti-aging therapy

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ON August 3rd, 2021 BY admin / 0 COMMENT

You may be curious to know if there are cheaper dental implant alternatives that you can get in Baton Rouge, LA, and other nearby areas.

Dental implants are the best choice for people who need to have their missing or …

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ON July 29th, 2021 BY admin / 0 COMMENT
Tooth implants- Tiger Smile Family Dentistry

Tooth loss is a problem that has ramifications in all aspects of your life. It affects your ability to eat and communicate, as well as your smile.

Tooth loss also affects your jawbone’s health, which can lead to bone loss …

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ON June 25th, 2021 BY InfinV / 0 COMMENT
Dental orthodontics held by dentists

Once you have decided to invest in using Invisalign to transform your smile, you will most likely be very excited to start seeing positive results as soon as possible.

Two common questions we get asked all the time are: “How

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ON June 18th, 2021 BY InfinV / 0 COMMENT
Partial dentures on a metal arc

The answer is yes; get immediate dentures as soon as possible.

Losing one or more teeth due to tooth decay or gum disease can be a huge problem for anyone, not to mention embarrassing. Fortunately, it is possible to replace …

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ON June 4th, 2021 BY InfinV / 0 COMMENT
Woman suffering from tooth ache

A tooth infection, also called a dental abscess, is an infection that can result in a range of problems if left untreated.

In fact, neglecting a tooth infection can lead to it spreading throughout your mouth and to other areas …

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ON May 21st, 2021 BY admin / 0 COMMENT
Tooth extraction concept - Tiger Smile Family Dentistry

Tooth extraction may seem to be a very simple procedure. That is if we are talking only about one tooth. With multiple tooth extractions, it’s a different story.

More and more patients present with severe dental problems from multiple tooth …

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ON May 17th, 2021 BY admin / 0 COMMENT
Dental Technician Working On 3D Printed Mold For Tooth Implants - Tiger Smile Dentistry

Tooth crowns, also called caps, offer a lot of protection to the tooth they enclose, but sometimes, they are not absolute protection.

Oral bacteria can make their way underneath a crown if a person does not practice good oral hygiene.…

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ON October 22nd, 2018 BY admin / 0 COMMENT
Best Dental Care in Baton Rouge - Tiger Smile Family Dentistry

The Different Types of Dental Care

Your smile is often the first thing individuals notice when they meet you. A bright and healthy smile isn’t only aesthetically pleasing and confidence boosting, good dental health and oral hygiene are also important …

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