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ON January 21st, 2021 BY admin / 0 COMMENT
Tiger Smile Dental Implant

Dental implants are increasingly becoming the primary option for teeth replacement. These durable implants act like teeth in both form and function. They’re also immune to cavities and don’t affect neighboring teeth. The question on your mind may be, “Can dental implants last forever?” Let’s find out.   The History Of Dental Implants History has […]

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ON December 3rd, 2020 BY admin / 0 COMMENT
Teeth Whitening Procedure - Baton Rouge

Teeth are prone to staining and wear over time. While our teeth aren’t naturally white, there are many advantages to having brighter choppers. It brings a lot of confidence and can make any person’s smile more charismatic. The good news is that zoom teeth whitening is a cosmetic whitening process that we can take advantage […]

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ON November 27th, 2020 BY admin / 0 COMMENT
Dental Cost

Wearing braces is a lot of commitment. You need to have a metal frame that will be always visible when you smile for at least 18 months. Not a lot of people like that idea and forego braces altogether. However, studies have shown that around 70% of people in the US need it. Fortunately, there […]

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ON November 5th, 2020 BY admin / 0 COMMENT
Dental treatment - tiger smile dental

We all have the right to smile, feel good, and pursue happiness. Smiling is the best way to make a good impression, and it will matter when meeting the people who will join you on your way to success.   The Rise of Expensive Dental Procedures Let us look at what the statistics say about […]

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