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We are excited to offer you Dentalife, a dental discount plan.

Benefits of our membership plan include:

No annual maximum.

No deductible.

No pre-existing exclusions.

No wondering whether insurance will pay towards your treatment.

No waiting period…..this means you can start treatment TODAY!

No preauthorization is ever required and cosmetic dentistry is included!

Membership benefits:

  • Initial comprehensive exam, x-rays and preventive dental cleaning.
  • Six month checkup with exam and preventive dental cleaning.
  • All dental treatment completed within 12 months of enrollment will be discounted by 15% IF PAID IN FULL AT THE TIME OF SERVICE. This includes elective cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening, crowns and veneers.
  • Exclusions: Facial Aesthetics Procedures, Pinhole Surgical Technique, Lab Fees
  • Annual cost for individual plan: $299.00
  • Annual costs for children under 12: $259.00
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