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Teeth Whitening Procedure - Baton Rouge

Teeth are prone to staining and wear over time. While our teeth aren’t naturally white, there are many advantages to having brighter choppers. It brings a lot of confidence and can make any person’s smile more charismatic.

The good news is that zoom teeth whitening is a cosmetic whitening process that we can take advantage of for us to obtain whiter teeth and counter teeth discoloration and staining.

Tooth Discoloration and Staining

Teeth Whitening - Baton Rouge

Many factors contribute to tooth discoloration. Some of the most common contributors include smoking, wine, tea, cola, and coffee.

Aging is also a factor that affects the teeth’s color as teeth darken and get stained as you age. Dentists classify stains into two categories:

1. Extrinsic stains: caused by outside factors and wear.

2. Intrinsic Stains: form at the interior of the teeth due to exposure to minerals or aging.

All of us are born with light yellow-brown or greenish-grey teeth color. Over time, this color intensifies as we eat, drink, and speak.

Teeth Whitening - Baton Rouge

By the time you reach your twenties, your teeth will have a yellow cast. This problem gets more intense as the decades pass, so consider teeth whitening as early as you can.

Laser Teeth whitening procedures have shown to be more effective for teenagers. These teeth whiteners have been a breakthrough formula to get that perfect smile.

Zoom Whitening: The Best Product In The Market

Some dental procedures can worsen or make stains and discoloration more visible.

For example, having a veneer can make your natural teeth’s color stand out since the veneers are often made whiter than natural teeth.

To prevent this, you should undergo whitening to balance the color and make all of your teeth’s color uniform.

Zoom whitening is the process that lightens discoloration in your dentin and enamel through bleaching.

The process uses hydrogen peroxide in gel form as the bleaching agent. The entire process takes less than an hour.

And you may need to repeat the bleaching session depending on how many shades whiter you want your teeth and the strength of the teeth gel whitening that will be used.

You need to have a consultation first before you undergo this treatment. If approved, you will have regular teeth cleaning first and then have them prepared for bleaching.

The whitening process is simple:

1. The gel will be applied to your teeth for at least 15 minutes.

2. A strong light from a LED device will be focused on your teeth to hasten the effect of the bleach.

3. The gel will be then removed, and steps 1 and 2 will usually be repeated two times to get at least eight shades of improvement.

Is It Safe?

There are some considerations you need to be aware of when undergoing the procedure. One, you may find that the operation can trigger your gag reflex. Two, the entire procedure generates a bit of heat, which can be a cause for discomfort.

Three, the bleaching gel may make you feel some minor stinging on your teeth and gums. Gum irritation can happen because of prolonged exposure to the bleaching gel. This irritation can last for a few days.

You should be aware of one of the biggest misconceptions in teeth whitening: it weakens your teeth, so they say.

The truth is that the best teeth whitening products and procedures clean and whiten the teeth, but they won’t leave any damage.

By the way, if you’re pregnant or lactating, it’s advisable that you shouldn’t undergo a zoom whitening procedure. It is also not recommended for those under 13 years old.

You should consider other teeth whitening options for now or wait until you’re in age or state when you can take advantage of this teeth whitening procedure.

Is It Worth It?

While many over-the-counter products are usable for whitening teeth, they aren’t beneficial. For example, whitening strips only whitens the front part of your teeth.

Alternatively, whitening toothpaste works slower than teeth bleaching. The latter procedure may cost more, but it has an immediate and lasting impact.

Cosmetic whitening often includes aftercare, which will require you to follow up with your dentist if your teeth get stained.

Cosmetic whitening - Baton Rouge

It can add to the cost, so we recommend that you must make sure that you avoid any food, drinks, and habits that can discolor your teeth until the effects of the procedure become permanent.

And of course, you should maintain proper oral hygiene to ensure that the effect will last longer.

If you find that you can’t afford the in-office procedure, then you can opt to have a take-home whitening kit.

Note that these kits use a lower concentration of peroxide, and you need to leave the application overnight to allow it to take effect.

Zoom teeth whitening is still the best option when it comes to a quick, reliable fix. Make sure that it is the best method for you after consulting with us.

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