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Conscious Sedation
Conscious Sedation Dentistry in Baton Rouge - Tiger Smile Family Dentistry


Anxiety is one of the top reasons that people do not come to the dentist to have a dental treatment done. Some people suffer from that fear more than others. Fears can stem from traumatic experiences in the past, fear of needles, or even just from hearing of other bad experiences from others. The solution is sedation dentistry. At Tiger Smile Family Dentistry, comfort for the patient is our top priority. We will try our best to provide a safe treatment that Baton Rouge residents can rely on. We also provide this service for our wisdom teeth extraction. We understand that most of our patients fear this procedure, which is why we ensure that this is available for their convenience. 

  • Don’t let your dental anxiety get in the way! With our conscious sedation treatment here at Tiger Smile Family Dentistry, you’ll get the treatment that you need in the calmest and smoothest way possible
  • Here at our dental facility, we aim to deliver not only dental treatments but comfort to our patients hence we offer this dental treatment to guarantee that everyone gets a chance to achieve good oral health
  • Choose from oral conscious sedation and nitrous oxide analgesia — either way, you will be able to relax but remain responsive throughout the procedure

The Truth About Dental Anxiety

A quarter of Americans are hesitant to see a dentist because of dental phobia or anxiety. It has plagued a lot of them to the point that they panic when they step foot in a dental office or sit on the dentist chair especially kids. Some use the term phobia and anxiety and lump them as the same, but they’re actually not. People with dental anxiety feel a sense of uneasiness once it’s their turn to the chair. Individuals with dental phobia on the other hand, feel dread or end up panicking and even have difficulty breathing just by looking at a dental office.

Why Do Some Get Dental Phobia or Anxiety?

Baton Rouge Conscious Sedation - Tiger Smile Family DentistryThere are many causes for this and some are actually common, such as the fear of pain. Being terrified of such is common among young adults and above; it usually stems from pain-free dental visits in the past.

Some feel embarrassed to have their mouth or teeth prodded and examined by someone. They will also feel conscious at the smell of their mouth or the appearance of their teeth. The face of the hygienist or dentist is close towards the patient during a checkup and this can be uncomfortable to some.

Do You Have These Fears?

There isn’t an actual factor that warrants dental anxiety or phobia since people have different ways of coping with their fears. On the other hand, here are some common occurrences that tell that you might have the dental phobia:

    • You get increasingly nervous when your turn to the dentist is coming to a close
    • You have trouble sleeping the night before your dental appointment
    • The thought of dental visits make you sick
    • You get panic attacks when an equipment is placed in your mouth, teeth or gums
    • You feel like crying just by thinking about going to the dentist and even the sight of a dentist’s uniform raises your anxiety

If either or all of these things describe you, it’s time to tell your dentist your concerns regarding the overall procedure. He or she will help you in this ordeal and even be referred to a professional specializing in dental anxiety or phobia.  

Our Sedation Dentistry

Don’t let dental anxiety get in the way of a healthy teeth. We have dentists ready to not only provide you with sedation treatments but also help ease you into the procedure. And, when your child is experiencing dental anxiety you can ask our dentists about the appropriate treatment and if you have questions about oral surgery in Baton Rouge our team will be happy to answer all your queries.

Our dental facility offers oral conscious sedation and nitrous oxide analgesia The goal is to have our patients as relaxed as possible but still responsive during a wisdom teeth extractions treatment. You will be able to be completely comfortable throughout the appointment and not recall what was going on the whole time you were in the chair. Contact us today!

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