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Dental Crowns
Dental Crowns Baton Rouge - Tiger Smile Family Dentistry


Crowns, sometimes referred to as “caps”, provide full coverage protection for teeth. There are different types of dental crowns including porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, gold, and stainless steel (usually for baby teeth).

Your dentist will determine which is best for your treatment depending on your case. Porcelain crowns are often preferred and can be matched to your existing teeth by color and contour, keeping your teeth looking natural.

  • Located near the heart of Baton Rouge, Tiger Smile Family Dentistry is here for all your dental crown needs
  • Crowns are excellent and trustworthy solutions for clients seeking cosmetic dental enhancement or looking to correct fractured teeth, extensive decay, or Microdontia. Crowns can also cover root canal sites and replace teeth with overly-large fillings
  • Our staff can install dental crowns to help protect your teeth, especially after recent procedures that can leave them tender and vulnerable
  • Dental crowns help support your other teeth, mitigating the effects of decay

There are several indications of the need for dental crowns :

  • Cosmetic dental enhancement
  • Fractured teeth
  • Teeth treated by root canals
  • Extensive decay
  • Teeth with large fillings
  • Microdontia (teeth are significantly smaller in size than average)


Dental crowns are used to restore a patient’s damaged tooth. Below are the following advantages of getting this restorative treatment.

  • Dental implant covering
  • They protect a tooth after a root canal procedure
  • They support a tooth that has been damaged by decay
  • Enhance a tooth’s appearance (shape and color)
  • They also protect teeth from further damage

Our Procedure

At Tiger Smile Family Dentistry – dental office in Louisiana, we try to shorten the sessions per crown service and we aim to provide trusted Baton Rouge restorative dentistry treatments for everyone. We do this through this process:

Reliable Porcelain Dental Crown Baton Rouge - Tiger Smile Family Dentistry We prepare your tooth – our dentist will remove the outer portion of your tooth for the crown to fit.
Impression – we make an impression to give you the exact model for the crown.
Temporary crown – usually, you have to wait for your permanent crown, while waiting, we will give you a temporary crown.
Crown ready – once we have the crown, we will place it in your mount and make all the needed adjustments. When you are satisfied with how it feels and looks, we will cement it in place.

Does a Dental Crowns Procedure Hurt?

Anaesthetic is applied to the surrounding area before the procedure. On the other hand, if a temporary crown is installed at the same time of an implant or extraction, feeling of discomfort is possible

If you have a low tolerance for pain or sensitive to it, you can discuss with your dentist other alternatives.

Can You Whiten Existing Dental Crowns?

No. If they are discolored, they are required to be replaced with new crowns if you seek to improve their appearance.

What Else You Should Know About Dental Crowns

Tiger Smile Family Dentistry also offers root canal treatment. After the root canal treatment , our dentist will suggest that they get a dental crown. 

 After your root canal treatment that we offer our patients to save their tooth and when the dental crown is in place our dentists will educate you on how to properly take care of your crown to prevent damage to it. Your tooth with a crown doesn’t make it immune to cavities. This is because the crown sits above the gums and if you neglect proper oral care, you can still get decay between the tooth and the crown.  

Dental crowns can also loosen if you bite something hard, get hit in the face, or attempt to use your teeth to open something that will require you to use brute force using your teeth.

When a crown is maintained properly, it can last for years. Like any other restorations in the mouth, it may need to be replaced after a while. It is very important that you have your dental check-ups regularly to ensure your restorations are properly protecting your teeth.  You can also check out our complete and partial dentures in Baton Rouge and other dental services we offer such as dental implants, dentures and more. Call us today at 225-567-8121 to set an appointment for you dental crowns in Baton Rouge!

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