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Facial Fat Reduction
Kybella injections

Kybella/PCDC Injections 

Kybella and PCDC are medications used to reduce fat in different areas of the face. This new form of treatment is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures used to improve facial appearance in both men and women.

Kybella/PCDC Treatment can be defined as a non-surgical procedure that uses injectable techniques to target and remove the fat beneath the chin otherwise known as the double chin or the submental fat. The method uses deoxycholic acid that is injected to target the fat cells in the chin area. No incisions are necessary, and the downtime is very minimal. The ideal candidates for the procedure are 18 years or older who have moderate to severe fat deposits beneath the chin. 

On the contrary, this procedure is not suitable for individuals who are planning or have had prior facial surgery, those with trouble swallowing, and pregnant or nursing. The injections are also not ideal for people who have a medical condition or infection near the targeted injection region.

According to the American Society for Dermatologic surgery, around 67% of people are bothered by a double chin. The procedure has become a popular alternative to liposuction due to its noninvasiveness and shorter treatment time as well as fewer severe risks. It has been observed that in its clinical trial, 83% of the people reported significant improvement in their appearance. 

Cost and Preparation

A single Kybella/PCDC treatment averages between $600 and $1400, depending on the patient assessment, healthcare provider, and number of treatments required. It is also imperative to note that this type of treatment is not covered by insurance as it is categorized as a cosmetic procedure. 

How do you prepare for this treatment?

The first thing to do is to get a virtual consultation with your provider and ensure you qualify for the procedure. Inform your dentist of your medical history and all of the cosmetic procedures you have had on your face, chin, and neck. If you have bleeding or swallowing problems, inform your healthcare professional as well.

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Since the process is non-surgical, there is little preparation required. Your doctor will go over pre- and post-treatment instructions before your actual procedure date.  Avoiding acetaminophen and ibuprofen can assist in preventing post-treatment bruising. Swelling for a period of up to several weeks can be expected. 

Advantages of Facial Fat Reduction

No downtime

There is no downtime linked to it immediately after the procedure. It is commonly referred to as lunch-break procedure as you will be treated during the lunch hour and you can go back to work shortly after. Depending on the individual, other patients can spend some time icing the area to prevent swelling and bruising. Unlike other alternatives such as liposuction and neck lifts which require days and even weeks for recovery, many clients prefer this option since it takes a maximum of 48 hours.

Long-lasting Results

The procedure works by dissolving the fat on the cellular level. It destroys the fat cells, and therefore they will not regenerate. Since the procedure uses a naturally occurring substance found in the body, risk of an adverse reaction to the treatment is significantly reduced. 

Some Things to Expect

This type of treatment will only treat  fat, not muscle. It will also not tighten loose skin that has developed by aging, which is commonly seen in the jowl and chin areas. Patients who have this treatment done should expect to swell for a period of up to a few weeks. This is why this has to be planned accordingly for our patients. If you have special occasions or major life events coming up, you will not want to have the treatment done around those times. 

Also, this procedure is not guaranteed to remove a significant amount of fat with just one treatment session. Most patients will need to come back 4 to 6 weeks later for another round. Results vary, and your doctor will assess you to see how may additional sessions you will need. 

Because Kybella/PCDC has both pros and cons, it is imperative to discuss with your dentist before deciding on the treatment to select.  This treatment can be combined with other facial aesthetics procedures to give you the result you want.

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