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Periodontics Treatment in Baton Rouge- Dentist LA - Tiger Smile Family Dentistry

An Overview of Baton Rouge Periodontics

What is Periodontics?

Also known as periodontology, it is a dental specialty that involves diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of dental diseases and surrounding teeth tissues, as well as the maintenance of the teeth’s health and function of their structure and tissues.

It also focuses on the inflammatory disease that destroys the gums and other structures that support the teeth. A periodontist is a dentist who specializes in the treatment, diagnosis, and prevention of periodontal disease as well as placement of dental implants. Dentists practicing under this specialty undergo extensive training, including three additional years of education. As someone who focuses on periodontal disease, they are experts in the latest methods and techniques involving treating and diagnosing of said disease.

Periodontists treat cases from mild gingivitis to more severe periodontitis. They also offer treatments such as scaling, cleaning of infected root surfaces known as root planing, and the removal of damaged tissue known as surface debridement.

The Purpose of a Periodontium

  • Periodontists use an apparatus called a periodontium that comprises of many functions such as:
  • Securely attaches the teeth to the jaws
  • Absorbs shocks during chewing and biting
  • Prevents damage to the teeth from excessive forces
  • Maintains the stability of the teeth within the jaws so that both work efficiently during chewing.

The periodontium is made up of many parts that work together: the tooth socket is a bony pouch in the upper or lower jawbone that is responsible in positioning the tooth. It is covered by a layer of cementum which extends to a complex group of tiny fibers called the periodontal ligament. The latter holds the tooth in place. Its tissues are capable in adapting to changes occurring in the mouth, as well changes in thickness and shape that keep teeth stable.

When to Resort to Periodontics

If you have problems with your teeth that go beyond a toothache, you might need to opt for periodontics. Our dental center in Baton Rouge houses a team of dentists that can help you determine if getting this treatment is the right thing to do. We will control any infections that may exist and halt the progression of the disease. If the case is severe, surgery may be considered to restore supportive tissues in the area.

Why is Periodontology Important?

Such method can give us an in-depth look on what is happening to our mouth, gums or teeth. Although gum recession disease is always triggered by plaque buildup on the teeth, systemic diseases (diseases affecting the rest of the body), can weaken the structures supporting the teeth.

Additionally, severe disorders are known to manifest in the mouth before they are seen in any part of the individual’s body. This is why a periodontist is the first person to deal with signs of a general disease such as blood conditions or diabetes when examining the mouth of a patient. On the other hand, there’s an overlap with other medical disciplines with general health conditions, so periodontics can be considered as a ‘holistic’ dentistry form.

Periodontics Baton Rouge Treatments at Tiger Smile Family Dentistry

We offer a host of safe and effective treatments to control gum disease. In case you experience any of the aforementioned symptoms, you should immediately consult one of our dentists to treat the condition. Our experts will perform a thorough check-up and treat the condition with the most suitable method pertaining to your condition. Some of our treatment methods include deep cleaning, local antibiotics, and gum surgery.

Our Baton Rouge periodontal treatment at Tiger Smile Family Dentistry are designed to slow down gum disease and provide the patient with better oral health over time. We have years of experience in treating different types of gum diseases and we also have other dental services available . Call us today to talk to one of our dentists.

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