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Know more of our treatments and ways to maintain healthy teeth and gums by dropping by at our office or giving us a call. 

We always make sure to constantly take care of our clients here at Tiger Smile Family Dentistry. That’s why we’re offering various special offers for our dental treatments to maintain their oral health.

Dental care doesn’t need to be a luxury that few can afford. Our dental office has a variety of offers including the 1-Year Comprehensive Program

This program offers a set of treatment packages:

  • 1 comprehensive exam
  • 1 periodic exam (if necessary)
  • 2 cleaning sessions
  • X-rays and 1 panoramic x-ray
  • Bitewing

We also offer a 15% discount on all restorative treatments and discounted crowns.

Besides our special offers, clients can also avail of our dental memberships that include an Initial comprehensive exam, x-rays, and preventive dental cleaning as well as a six-month checkup with an exam. 

The membership also offers Dentalife, an insurance discount plan. 

Our membership can help you start treatment immediately, no pre-existing excursions, and no deductible. 

Dedicated Dentists in Baton Rouge LA


Tiger Smile Family Dentistry has been one of the recommended dental services in the Baton Rouge area. We’ve been taking care of clients for 30 years now and continue to do so. 

Our team of dentists is always ready to accommodate you whether you need to have your teeth cleaned or get a new set of dentures.

We are a community that is dedicated to providing families a comfortable environment and safe dental services. 

What to Expect from Tiger Smile Family Dentistry

From consultation to client inquiries, we at Tiger Smile Family Dentistry take our jobs seriously. Our office offers different teeth, mouth, and gum treatments for families.

Let Tiger Smile Family Dentistry take care of your dental needs. 

Find us at:

429 E Airport Ave Suite 3

Baton Rouge, LA 70806



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