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By all means, everyone deserves a naturally healthy and sparkly smile. However, dental and aesthetic issues get in the way sometimes.

This is why veneers have become a good solution for many to improve or restore their smile to its natural beauty.

Veneer is a thin yet strong shell, typically made of porcelain or a resin composite material, that is permanently bonded to the front of your tooth to cover its natural color, stains, shape, cracks, or position in your mouth.

It has become increasingly popular because of how it changes the appearance of your smile while still leaving you with realistic and natural-looking teeth.

That being said, all dental procedures have advantages and disadvantages. And dental veneers are no exception.

To help you decide if this is the best solution for improving the cosmetic appeal of your smile, we have listed the pros and cons of dental veneers below.

Pros of Dental Veneers

1. It can whiten your teeth easily.

If your lifestyle involves a lot of drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes, or eating highly pigmented foods, chances are high that your teeth are stained or discolored.

Dental Veneers Pros and Cons-Tigersmiledental.comSurely, you can get your stained teeth bleached as a temporary fix. However, the unsightly stains will return again unless you make different lifestyle choices.

Since veneers are quite resistant to permanent stains, you won’t have to worry about discoloration on your teeth or having your veneers whitened. No need to worry about coffee, wine, or cigarette stains as you can literally wipe stains off of them.

Installing veneers over your discolored teeth may be a great fit for you if you are looking for a quicker and more permanent way to whiten your teeth. It is also the perfect solution for teeth with intrinsic stains that cannot be bleached away.

2. It can fix minor cosmetic dental problems painlessly.

Veneers can help correct many cosmetic dental issues.

Aside from discoloration, veneers can easily fix issues like:

  • Chips
  • Cracks
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Minor misalignment

Installing veneers is an easy and quick way to get a perfectly natural and beautiful smile. If your dental problems are fairly minor, it only takes around two visits to your dentist. After a little alteration of your tooth structure, impressions of your teeth will be taken to create a model.

This model will then be used to fabricate your veneers. Once done, your completed veneers are then cemented into place without any invasive procedures.

While veneers can only camouflage dental issues and can’t always replace orthodontic treatment, it is a great solution for someone who wants to straighten a smile in a few simple and painless procedures.

3. It can replace damaged enamel noninvasively.

If you have chipped or texturally damaged teeth and you want to avoid the other more invasive and extensive orthodontic procedures like crowns or caps, veneers might work for you.

Veneers can help smoothen and strengthen teeth that have bulges, craters, or have uneven surfaces or edges.

Since enamel doesn’t grow back once damaged, veneers are a great solution for teeth with enamel abrasion or enamel erosion to make it look, feel and function great again.

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Cons of Dental Veneers

1. It can be really expensive.

Veneers are relatively more expensive compared to teeth whitening and other cosmetic dental procedures. It can be really costly, depending on the number of teeth you want to be restored, location of these teeth in your mouth, your dentist and the going rate in your area.

Also, given that it is considered a cosmetic dental procedure, veneers may not be covered by dental insurance.

2. It can increase tooth sensitivity.

Tooth Removing a layer of enamel to install veneers can cause the teeth to develop increased sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks.

At the same time, veneers are too thin to act as a barrier between the teeth and hot and cold foods. This can get uncomfortable and inconvenient especially if your teeth are already highly sensitive to begin with.

However, some people claim that they never experienced increased tooth sensitivity at all; while others who experienced it say that it usually goes away after a while.

3. It cannot be undone.

The process of removing a layer of enamel in order to install veneers properly is irreversible. As the enamel of your tooth does not grow back, there is no way to restore the enamel that has been shaved down before placement.

Because of this, you might need to continue getting veneers for the rest of your life.

While this might be a serious disadvantage for some people, it is quite unlikely for someone who had veneers to have them removed so they can go back to the way they looked before getting it.

Are dental veneers right for you?

The list of the advantages of getting veneers can greatly outweigh the disadvantages. However, be aware that every situation is different and not everyone fits the mold.

Veneers are an investment. Whether they are worth the cost largely depends on how you feel about your dental issues, how much money you’re willing to pay, and how big of a commitment you’re willing to make.

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Make sure you consult with an experienced dentist

Best Dental As mentioned earlier, veneers are expensive and permanent. So, we highly recommend that you do your research and make an appointment with your dentist to find out if dental veneers are the right solution for you.

It would be best if you can consult a professional so you can take careful consideration of your options and fully understand the pros and cons of getting veneers.

After all, veneers are forever, so you might want to find the best dentist to customize your veneers to suit your face, preferences, and aesthetic goals for your perfect smile.

Contact us now to know more information.

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