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little girl with a dentist

Delaying the time before a child’s first dental visit isn’t recommended by professionals.

Oral health is very important for a developing body, and having an early visit ensures that no problems develop later on.

Studies attribute this common mistake to a lack of information.

We hope to inform you more about when to take a baby to the dentist.

First Dental Check-Up for Baby: The Right Age for the First Visit

The ideal time for a first visit is six months to one year of the first tooth erupting.

A first tooth usually appears at six months old, so it is ideal to have the child visit the dentist before they turn two.

The reason parents don’t bring their children at this age is they believe they are too young.

They also believe that the child needs to have more teeth before they have their first appointment.

However, making the first visit during this stage is vital to prolonging the time a child holds on to their baby teeth.

The baby teeth should stay until they fall out naturally.

The benefits for preserving the child’s first teeth include:

  • Proper speech development
  • Proper chewing
  • Right spacing for permanent teeth
  • Bring confidence to children as they have complete teeth to smile

The First Appointment

In the first dental appointment, it will be a checkup that involves very little treatment.

The dentist also understands that the child may have some reservations about showing teeth to a stranger.

Since they are still very young, the parent will likely be at the child’s side to ease their worries.

The dentist will check the following:

  • Gums, jaw, and other tissues
  • Existing teeth
  • Bite

The dentist may also perform cleaning during this time. Check our children’s dentistry for more information.

After this initial checkup, you can set a schedule every six months to help monitor development.

Over time, your child will get used to being around the dentist.

When to Take the Baby to the Dentist: Preparing for the First Visit

If you follow the ideal timeline when the first tooth erupts, the child is too young to be nervous.

At around two years old or older, they will hesitate and may develop anxiety dealing with someone they don’t know.

Here are some tips to help your child prepare so that they can go through with the baby dentist appointment.

  • Timing: Don’t bring your child to the dentist if they feel tired or hungry. Instead, choose a time when the child is well-rested. The more relaxed the child is, the better it is for everyone involved.
  • Educate: Many resources today help children understand the dentist and why they should visit. There are books and websites that you can access for free. Some of these sites even have games and activities for your child.
  • Play: Familiarize the child with the environment of a dentist by pretending to be one. You can even reverse roles so that the child understands about counting teeth and opening the mouth.

Here are some fun dental activities you can do with them.

  • An early visit: If you’re going for a checkup before your child, you can visit the dentist early together. That way, the child can get used to the environment early and have less apprehension about it later on.

Dental Insurance

Since you’re going for regular checkups, dental insurance is an optimal choice.

It helps lessen the costs when something unexpected occurs.

For example, children can experience injuries that affect their teeth.

With immediate help from the dentist, the damage will be minimal and will not affect permanent teeth later on.

Dentist checks a little girl

Aside from that, children are also prone to cavities even with their baby teeth.

Baby teeth fall out eventually. But problems that develop in the mouth can affect the growth of permanent teeth.

Cavities are also a nuisance and can cause pain.

Dental insurance is also a form of motivation. You’re more likely to capitalize on your insurance by having regular dental visits.

Even if it’s just for cleaning and checkups, you are already saving a lot of money by doing so.

The Risk of Not Going to the Dentist

The longer you prolong the dental checkup, the higher the risk to your child’s overall health.

They may have early signs of gum and tooth disease, which is easily preventable with minor treatment.

Studies also show that many major illnesses in other parts of the body link to oral diseases.

When teeth decay to a point, it will cause serious problems.

Plaque can be hard to remove once it has accumulated.

Gum disease can also affect the way permanent teeth grow.

The child can also experience bad breath and tooth stains, which can hurt their confidence.

The best approach is to know when to take a baby to the dentist

That way, you can schedule regular checkups and avoid any future issues.

To know more on how to take care of your child’s teeth, call us at Tiger Smile Family Dentistry.

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